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Currently Crushing: Flamingos

flamingos!Every so often, something random will catch my eye and soon thereafter, it spirals into an obsession. This week’s currently crushing is flamingos. A while back, I saw this print on Pinterest for a nursery.  I thought, “Never mind a nursery, I need that in my life now!”.

About a year ago, we were taking the dogs for a walk in our neighborhood when I noticed someone with flamingos in their front yard. I was so happy since you hardly ever see them anymore. I told Jamie that when we had a house, we just had to have flamingos in our yard. His response? “Not happening.” You think he’d have learned by now to trust my taste. Sheesh. As you know, we’ve been working on getting our yard into shape. We don’t have any outdoor furniture yet but you can be sure that I marched out, much to Jamie’s chagrin, and bought myself a couple of yard flamingos. And guess who loves them just as much as I do now? This guy.Jamie horseback riding in Punta Cana In my opinion, flamingos are going from kitschy to trendy. Remember that you heard it here first. I’m toying around with getting some more and spray painting (of course) them gold. I think I’d call them #glamingos. Clever, huh?

This September, I’m teaming up with my super talented friend Jess, from Jessica Souza Photography. I’m still throwing around ideas for the stylized shoot but right now, incorporating flamingos is definitely becoming more and more of a possibility.

Here’s a few more flamingo items I’m crushing on:

My inspiration for painting them gold came from here.
This watercolor will be finding a new home in my office very soon.
Love this flamingo inspired party.

The weekend is upon us and the weekend warriors are going to try and finally paint the shutters. Wish us luck! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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