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Happy New Year from Styling Harvard!

HAPPY NEW YEARIt’s hard to believe it’s the end of another year! This year, like so many before it, has flown by. I hope 2015 was good to all of you. For me, it was a pretty good year. It had it’s ups and downs, like any year. We started off 2015 with the death of my great aunt. About a month and a half later, her husband (and my Gram’s brother) went to join both of them in Heaven. The rest of the year was filled with several fun parties (here, here and here) and a great family vacation in October that included an engagement. December was not the best. We lost two more family members: my great uncle the Saturday before Christmas followed by one of the great loves of my life, my Gramp, on the 28th. He’d been without my Gram for 11 years and she finally called him Home to be with her. I can imagine what a wonderful and love filled reunion it must have been to have their entire old gang back together once again. IMG_5788
E61DF196-3E4E-4698-9AC8-F3783A92C065Our 1950s themed 2015 Father’s Day.  
Father’s Day 2014 with my dad, aunt and uncle. 
Father’s Day 2013
Some of my favorite pictures are the oldest ones. 221767_10100807957124656_1324827508588208895_nMy Gram and Gramp on their wedding day. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. 1618439_10100807958616666_2126792851260155026_nHere I am with them as a flower girl in my Aunt’s wedding in 1989.
I love this picture for so many reasons. The old gang all together having a great time. Everyone on the couch has passed on. My Aunt Agnes and Uncle Russ who passed away at the beginning of the year are on the left. My Gram and Gramp are in the middle. I LOVE my Gram’s face as clearly my Gramp has just crushed her, haha! The couple on the left are my Aunt Trudie and Uncle Sid, who passed away just before my grandfather. What a fun bunch they were!
I hope that 2016 is a wonderful year full of much love, wealth, health and happiness for all of you. Cheers!

xo, katie

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