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Styling Harvard: 2018 Christmas Home Tour

Christmas is almost here and I am super late with sharing our Christmas decor this year. Things have been so busy lately and with the days getting dark so early, it’s tough to try and photograph everything. The sun just came out and I jumped up to start taking pictures. I hope you enjoy our 2018 Christmas Home Tour!

Come on into the living room and see the first tree. This is our only real tree out of the 15 we have. Yes, I said 15. I’ll be sharing 13 of them today so keep reading! 

Tree #2  in the living room is tucked into the corner behind our couch. I kept the theme on both of these trees the same with tartan plaid ribbon, ski lodge elements and rustic touches. 

A quick stop from the living room to the dining room is our hot cocoa station. I change the style and location of it every year but this year is my favorite one yet!

Moving on to the dining room, I kept the same naked flocked tree as last year. I love the simplicity of it with just the white lights. Plus, when you have that many trees to decorate, it’s nice to keep some super simple. On the table is a simple mini tree that I add battery operated lights to.

In between the dining room and kitchen is this tiny white tree with some ornaments to match both rooms.

Across the kitchen is another tiny tree. I put it in my Christmas in London mug and add a mini set of lights. 

I dressed up my British car with a little tree on the roof. 

In the hall is one of my favorite trees — the travel tree. I collect a flag from every country I visit and an ornament from each place as well. It’s full of so many memories and makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Head into the guest room and you’ll see 2 trees this year. I kept the usual vintage/music/book themed tree and added a simple green tree with crocheted snowflake ornaments made by my grandmother. 

In the office is another naked flocked tree that I added to my olive bucket. There’s a lot going on in this room with the shelves so I wanted to keep things toned down. I wish I spent more time in here because I really love this view. 

Heading upstairs to the bedroom, is the last naked flocked tree. It’s such a nice, cozy light to fall asleep to.

In the half bath is our New Year’s themed tree. Disco balls, clock faces striking midnight and Auld Lang Syne sheet music adorn this tree along with midnight blue ornaments. 

The last tree on our tour is in what I jokingly call my apartment. It’s a spare room that we never really used until recently. One night, after I’d added a TV to the room, I decided to bring up an extra microwave we had and put it in the armoire, which had been pretty empty until that point. I added various drinks and snacks and thought “This is like a studio apartment!”  so thus my apartment was born. The tree in this room was in my bedroom in previous years. I wanted to do away with the red in our bedroom this year so I moved the tree down the hall. It’s so cozy hanging out in the apartment at night. I’ll miss this tree the most when it’s gone after Christmas. 

That concludes this year’s Christmas tour. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the extraness of my many many trees. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season surrounded by those you love.


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