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Styling Harvard: We Caught the Shutter Bug!

new awningsLast week, we took down our awnings to have them re-canvased with something that had a little more pizzazz. On Wednesday, I got a text from my mom saying they had been delivered and hung accompanied by this picture. I love them but between the door and the shutters,  there are just way too many colors going on right now.

We are starting work this weekend on repainting the front door and shutters grey which will, in my opinion, bring everything together. We are also going to add some shutters to the downstairs windows on the sides of the house and replace some that are broken. I love to reuse and repurpose whenever I can so you can imagine my delight when I opened my weekly email from HGTV and saw these great tips on what to do with old shutters. I shudder to think about not recycling the old shutters  (See what I did there? I can’t take the credit — my bffl came up with that one and it cracked me up!).  I really like the idea of turning it into a sofa table. We could use a table for our guest room — maybe a coat of a fun colored paint and a glass top to make it a little writing desk for our guests to keep up with their correspondence. You know, because we have so many guests that just so happen to write a lot of letters. Ha! And speaking of correspondence, I’m off to write a whole bunch of thank you notes.

There will be a whole post coming up about our repainting/repurposing project so stay tuned!

Happy Friday, friends!!

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