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Styling Harvard: Holiday Entertaining Made Easy

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy with Styling Harvard

Happy Holidays, friends! Today I’m sharing some simple tips I always use when hosting an event during the holidays to keep things stress-free.

Choose an easy them that will compliment your existing decor and won’t break the bank. I use a lot of plaid in my holiday decorating so simple red and green accents are an easy choice. If you’re hosting an informal gathering, you can find some great and inexpensive paper plates and napkins just about anywhere. Whether casual or more formal, set the table, buffet, etc. a few days ahead of time. It’ll be one less thing you have to worry about the day of your soiree. When we’re hired to style an event, and even when hosting my own parties, I like to do a sketch of the table(s) and how and where things will be set up, especially if it’s a buffet style. That little bit of organization is a big help come party day. CSC_0666

You can easily make seating cards, food cards, or even a festive sign for your centerpiece. Little details make a big impact and really ties everything together. This is something I do at every event. If you’re feeling stuck, search Pinterest for some inspiration and even for some free printables!IMG_5551

I always make whatever I can ahead of time. Whether it’s soup, an appetizer or a dessert, making it as far ahead as possible and freezing it is the way to go. On the day of, all you have to do is thaw, heat (or not) and serve!

I love my holiday Pandora station (click here to listen). There’s so many different genre choices. We also have a holiday music channel with our cable provider which plays fun facts and can serve as a conversation starter.

It’s inevitable, there’s always someone you realize you forgot to buy a gift for at the last minute or your neighbor pops over with a gift and you panic. I have a closet dedicated to preventing that from happening. Throughout the year, I pick up little things to add to my collection. When the time comes, I’ve got an easy to grab gift and don’t feel foolish for forgetting.

Whatever your plans are this season, I hope it’s full of fun, laughter and love.

xo, katie

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