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Styling Harvard Holidays: Christmas Living Room 2019

The holiday season is upon us once again! Anyone else already completely overwhelmed? I find that I lack motivation and organization on the years that we travel just before the holidays. My mind tends to stay in vacation mode and the last thing I want to do is think about winter and the holidays.

Nevertheless, I need to get my act together so I’m doing something a little different (and less overwhelming) this year. Normally, I do a full home tour in one post. I decided to break it down by room/areas. I have upped my tree game once again and this year, we have a grand total of…15 trees!

Today, we are kicking things off in the living room. Aside from the year we bought the house (and only because we moved in 10 days before Christmas and had a renovation going), we didn’t do a real tree in the living room. We thought about it and thought about it and I just really wanted to continue the flocked look for the most part and save on space. I’m actually very happy with our decision. Maybe next year we’ll change our minds, but for this time around, it’s perfect.

Faithful followers may notice the setup of the living room is different, hence the fake tree. We bought this settee a few months ago. I’d been lusting over it since our trip to Miami where I was so inspired, I wanted to make everything blush, white and emerald. This settee was the inspiration for the tree this year.

I wanted to keep things simple, clean and classic. The flocked tree with lots of green ornaments with pops of black and gold screams classic elegance to me.

Of course, my wrapping paper has to match. I give Jamie very specific instructions on what gift wrap he can use every year and what ribbons to coordinate with it. He just laughs and rolls his eyes. It’s a wonder he puts up with me sometimes. I found all the wrapping paper at Michaels this year on Black Friday for about $2 a roll. The ribbon is also from there and was about $4 a roll.

I intertwined the buffalo plaid ribbon in the tree, along with a black, green and navy tartan ribbon. I like the contrast of them and the way they fill in the tree. Anyone else hide the pickle on Christmas morning? It’s been a tradition since we were kids — and one of our favorites!

For the mantle, I went with a less is more look. I kept the greens I’d had up for fall and simply added new cream stockings (before anyone asks, the small one is the dog’s NOT for a baby!), and some tapered and pillar candles.

Next to the settee is my 4′ flocked tree. I kept this one mostly naked, aside from the vintage beading that my Nana gave me. You can see that even Monty’s bed gets decorated!

That’s it! Two down, thirteen to go! Check back soon for more!


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