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Styling Harvard Holidays: Christmas Dining Room 2019

Okay, I’m back for round two of this holiday home tour! Today we’re exploring the dining room so let’s just dive right in.

I have to be honest, this tree was very disappointing at first. This was the FOURTH 6′ flocked tree I bought from Walmart in the past few years. I loved them so much, I kept buying them. Unfortunately, Walmart changed the way they make the tree this year. It was much less full and way less flocked. Imagine my shock when I opened the box to set it up.

But, thanks to some ribbon and ornaments, I’m pretty proud of this tree. My original plan was to keep it naked because I love that look on a flocked tree but there was no way that could happen. I ran to Michaels for more ribbon and ornaments. I wasn’t sure what I wanted my color scheme to be…until I walked down the ornament aisle. The seafoam/blue glass ornaments jumped out at me. They were a close match to our wall color. Once I spotted the rose gold, I was on a roll! I wanted one more color to balance it all out and opted for the sage green mercury glass.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but I decided to trust my gut. After running back and forth between the ornament aisle and the ribbon aisle, I’d say I made some good choices!

Baby tree #2 in this room got a new home this year. It fit perfectly into my champagne bucket so I called it a day.

The bar also got a makeover. I’m prepping it for a party so it’s not full yet but each shelf will have different drinks ranging from homemade cocoa to beer, wine and soft drinks.

I went with more minimal decorations this year and I honestly don’t mind. In year’s past, I tend to decorate A LOT. Half my stuff would get packed away to make room for tons and tons of Christmas decor. I’m happy I went with a simpler style and will be even happier when it’s time to pack it up!

Next up, the travel tree! Check back soon!


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