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Styling Harvard Holidays: Guest Room

It’s day 3 of my holiday home tour and today we’re in the guest room. I never got around to blogging about the changes we made in here over the summer. I added a second twin bed to make the room more functional for guests. With that came a whole new theme, inspired by the Pineapple Pad. Flamingos and pineapples are two of my favorites so with that, the SH Flamingo Flat was conceived.

I figured what better place to put out travel tree than in the guest room to give this tropical room a Christmas touch. This year, I swapped the ornaments to a mini flocked tree. The skinny tree wasn’t going to handle all my ornaments for another year and I liked the white flocking for this guest room. We collected a few new ornaments during our travels this year, from Curacao, Marblehead and Miami.

I keep most of my trees decorated and covered when they’re put away for the season but the travel tree has too many precious ornaments to do that. I love decorating this tree because it brings back so many great memories while I’m doing it.

The rest of the room was left as is, with the exception of the little flamingos print with their Santa hats. So cute!

Of all the trees, this one usually gets the most feedback because people like figuring out the country flags and seeing the ornaments from around globe.

Next up is the master bedroom tree. See you soon!


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