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Styling Harvard: St. Patrick’s Day

My favorite holiday – St. Patrick’s Day. I really don’t know why it’s my favorite holiday. I’m Irish so there’s that. I like corned beef and cabbage. I like to wear green. 17 is my favorite number. I don’t care much for beer but I do like Irish whisky. At some point in time, I guess I just decided it was my favorite. It’s always a fun day with family and friends who are like family. We’ll be hitting up the annual parade in Newport, RI this year. It’s always a good time filled with lots of shenanigans. The parade is always held on the Saturday of the week of St. Patrick’s Day. This year it’s on the 16th so that means that the 17th is a day full of Irish eating. My mom and dad traditionally host a corned beef and cabbage dinner so we’ll be at their house Sunday night. But this year, on Sunday morning, I decided to host a fun, top o’ the mornin’, Irish themed breakfast.

I love creating themed tablescapes for every occasion. I try to always keep things simple and inexpensive. It’s a lot of work to style these events so it can easily become very costly. I love these felt and glitter shamrocks from Dollar Tree. They’re supposed to be wall/door decor I think but they are a great double as a placemat.

Since I wanted easy cleanup and also wanted the placemats to be a focal point, I opted for Chinet plates and bowls. I used some leftover white and gold polka dot plates I had from Galentine’s Day for a little contrast between them.

What’s a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast without the most Irish cereal there is — Lucky Charms! I added that, along with some Fruity Pebbles for a little rainbow effect, to some apothecary jars that doubled as a centerpiece. Green milk is a must too!

Because family breakfast should always have pancakes, I’ll also be making healthy green ones! Simply mix 2 eggs, a banana and a big handful of spinach in your blender and there’s your batter.

Another easy breakfast treat I’ll be serving up is shamrock cinnamon rolls. A can of store bought cinnamon rolls that are unrolled and reshaped are a quick, simple and delicious treat.

My sister has volunteered to make healthy shamrock shakes. She makes the best smoothies so I’m looking forward to¬† those a lot. My dad is making green hard boiled eggs stuffed with guacamole. Yum!! Themed food is on my must list when hosting and I love when my guests get in on the fun too!

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“May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights.
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.”


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