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Styling Harvard 2015 Christmas Home Tour: Hallway and Guest Room

 I’m back (a few days late) with day 2 of the 2015 Christmas Home Tour. Today’s post begins with our hallway travel themed tree. This skinny little tree is full of ornaments we’ve collected on our travels or ones that just remind us of them.

The “tree skirt” is actually a UK flag that I brought back from my trip. In front of it, I have our digital picture frame that is full of pictures from our trips. I have to add the latest ones from our Bahamian adventure but I keep forgetting. The picture frame is always on that table and Jamie and I often comment that every time we walk by, we always see the same few pictures, even though there’s hundreds of them on there. Weird how that works.

 This tree is pretty simple. I added flags from the countries we’ve visited to the top.

The rest of the tree are a mixture of homemade ones, like the clear balls with sand from the beaches we’ve visited, ones reminiscent of our trips that I’ve picked up at places like Target, and then of course the ones we bought on vacation like the seashell from the Bahamas or the Union Jack from Harrods.

 Last year, I used a different tree to display our travel ornaments and had it in our front entry. I mixed things up a bit this time around for a couple of reasons. 1. I like to be able to see the trees more often than not. Being in the front entry, I only saw it coming or going and many times, we use the back door. 2. It took up quite a bit of space and felt a little too cramped. As we move on to the guest room, you’ll see where our Eiffel Tower is hanging out this year.

This room gets the least amount of use out of all of them. Truth be told, we’ve only ever had one overnight guest that used this room. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be decorated! The Eiffel Tower is usually in our dining room but I moved it in here since the other tower is displayed on the wall. I decided to make it like a mini version of the real life thing and added a set of 50 lights to it.

 Over on the hutch is my fat little tree. This one doesn’t have a theme, just a color scheme to match the room: mint and silver. It’s so fat, I just kind of wedge some of the bigger ornaments in there since they don’t hang well otherwise.

That does it for trees 2 and 3 today. Tomorrow is on to the office! See you then!


xo, katie

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