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Basement Makeover

As if I didn’t have enough projects going on, I’m now toying with the idea of eventually finishing part of the basement. Of course, I’ve yet to actually discuss this with the Jamester. I’m forever scheming and daydreaming about something so he’s learned to not always take my crazy ideas too seriously. Something tells me I’ll get a “Are you crazy?!” when he hears what I’m thinking of adding to our list of projects.  The other week, I posted a link on my Facebook page to some of the AMAZING basement makeovers that my girl Candice Olson has done.  She is so ridiculously talented. When I see the work she’s done, the wheels in my head kick into high gear and  I start thinking about all the awesomeness our basement could hold. I hate doing laundry but I feel that with a cute little laundry area, I’d be all about spending time there sorting and folding. I’d also love to have a little exercise room where my dusty old Gazelle could be put to some good use.  Take a look at some of these awesome before and after basement remodels I found.

Doesn’t this look like a chic spa?

Now this is a man cave I’d love to hang out in!

I love that this room has everything you need in arm’s reach. What a great family/entertaining space.

There’s no before picture of this one, but I love how she used full length panels to give the appearance of bigger windows. 

By Monday, our kitchen will be done!!! Since that remodel will be over and because I just love a good project (read: obsession), I have a feeling I’m going to start sketching out some basement remodel plans in the very near future. If you’ve done a basement remodel, I’d love to hear some of your tips!

All photos courtesy of HGTV





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