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Styling Harvard: Kitchen Update

kitchen update on stylingharvard.comWe have been so busy over on Harvard trying to get all the last minute things done in the kitchen. We had a bunch of issues with our cabinets so as of right now, only half of them are installed. The rest are coming in tomorrow and fingers crossed, they’ll all be installed Saturday. Then Monday, the countertops and sink are being installed and we’ll actually have a kitchen again! A month without a kitchen has been trying. We’ve had no sink or stove so all our meals have either been takeout or eating at Chez Dave’s (my parents’ house).  After Monday, we’ll still have to do a little more painting and put up the backsplash. Then the fun part comes…decorating! The main colors in the kitchen are all neutrals but I’ll be adding a little bit of “Katie” in there. There will be a big ol’ blog post about our whole kitchen renovation when everything is finished but for now, follow me on Instagram (@stylingharvard) for some sneak peeks. And because I just can’t get enough of these stools, or that little face, here’s a little preview now.  Seriously though, how handsome is my littlest man? Kitchen Preview on


Stools: Marshalls #fabfound
Wall Color: Behr Gentle Rain

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