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Styling Harvard: Guest Room + Book Wall

Styling Harvard Guest Room Book WallOur guest room was one of the rooms that recently got a makeover. My goal for the big rearrange of 2017 was to spend little to no money. I’m happy to report that I was 100% successful with that! Maybe I should back up and clarify that the spending on the new bedroom furniture is not included in this. That budget strictly goes towards the other rooms involved: the sitting room, the office and this guest room. Okay, now that we got that clarification out of the way, let’s get down to what this post is all about: the book wall!Styling Harvard Guest Room Book Wall

My bff’s mom works at a local library so I contacted her to see if the library had any old books for sale. Imagine my delight when she sent me a picture of a stack of books back and told me they were mine for FREE! The library has a small section where they have books free for the taking. Score!!!

In the meantime, I was busy searching for the perfect quote to create for my book wall. My dad and I had a (lighthearted) heated exchange about this and in the end, I decided to go with the quote he picked which is by Ernest Hemingway from A Moveable Feast.

“We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.”

I kept the one I wanted for a print for our bedroom (more on that to come in another post). I designed the print to be 18″ x 24” and then had it printed at Staples for $3!! Another score! If you’re not fussy about the paper, have it printed as an Engineering print. So worth it! I found the frame at a new store we have called At Home. It took the place of an old Sam’s Club so that gives you an idea about the size. It’s like Home Goods meets Ikea and it’s pure amazingness. The frame was only $14 plus I had a 15% off coupon! Another score!Styling Harvard Guest Room Book Wall

Now that I had everything I needed, I enlisted the help of my mom to help me make this happen. It’s hard work trying to hold up a book and gauge how it looks so having my mom be my extra set of eyes was great. Once we had a game plan, the wall was done in no time flat. I am obsessed with how it came out.  It’s the perfect accessory to this vintage guest room.Styling Harvard Guest Room Book WallStyling Harvard Guest Room Book Wall Styling Harvard Guest Room Book Wall

The last thing to go in was this vintage chandelier that my sweet friend Vivian gave me. She saw a picture I posted of the room and sent me a message saying she had the perfect chandelier  for the room. She sure was right!

7 thoughts on “Styling Harvard: Guest Room + Book Wall

  1. So satisfying to have finally found a home for this beauty and so happy to give it to YOU!! Love all your decorating ideas!!

  2. Love the creativity and originality in all your efforts, Talent, imagination, and love, all in one fabulous looking woman……btw, ive seen that dress before. Love ya Kate!

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