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Styling Harvard: Sitting Room

Styling Harvard Sitting RoomHi, Friends! We’ve been busy little bees on Harvard and I have so much to share with you all! There’s so much to fill you in on, I’ll be sharing it over the next few weeks in separate posts. Today you’ll get to see a room I’ve never really shared much about before: our upstairs sitting room. I call it that today because I’m not sure what else to call it. We don’t have a TV in there so it’s not a TV room and it’s just me and Jame so I wouldn’t classify it as a family room (especially since we don’t spend any time in there). It’s not technically a guest room since there’s no bed, although it could certainly fit a blow up mattress. We do our ironing in here, and Jamie’s closet is in this room as well, and we tend to sit and chat while one of us is ironing or getting ready so I’m dubbing it the sitting room for now.

I never shared this room (except for the little tree that I had in it at Christmas) because I never felt like it was complete before. Since we didn’t use it, it was never on my list of priorities. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may know that we recently bought new bedroom furniture. Our old furniture was in decent shape but just didn’t fit out style anymore so we reallocated the pieces to other rooms. That meant that the armoire that was in the office was making its way up to the sitting room. We have a good sized linen closet in the hall just outside the room but I’m basically a borderline hoarder and it was overrun with linens and pillows. I gave the closet a quick reorganization and moved the pillows to the armoire. Perfect fit and I still have the whole top half of it open in case we decide to put a TV in there.Styling Harvard Sitting RoomI was trying to stick with a farmhouse style with this room but I just love so many different things it’s hard to stick to one style in particular for me. I am a huge anglophile so I wanted to incorporate the Union Jack pillows I had. The chevron rug is pretty much brand new and I was trying to do this makeover for $0 so I opted out of replacing the rug. I’m kind of over the whole chevron pattern but most of it is hidden and the accents of red and blue in here blend it all together nicely. I’m not a huge lover of red but I do tend to bring it out for certain holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day and 4th of July) and I love it when I do. I think I’m opposed to it because when I moved into my first apartment, I had A LOT of red. Retro themed red kitchen. All red accessories in my living room. I was on red overload and stayed far away from it for a long time. Anyway, I digress. I love the pops of red and blue in here in my otherwise neutral room. As you read on, you’ll see how I think it transformed from farmhouse style to have a vintage/travel sort of theme.Styling Harvard Sitting RoomI brought in an antique bench that was given to me by a family friend. It’d been in my closet since we moved but it’s so pretty and needed to not be hidden by a pile of clothes.Styling Harvard Sitting RoomThe coffee table is my favorite part of this room. Jamie brought this home from work after weeks of me begging him to. I chalk painted it and then roughed it up with some sandpaper so it wasn’t so stark white. The free, trashed pieces in my house tend to be my most favorite. I styled it with this metal milk can from Hobby Lobby and cotton stems from Michaels on top and vintage books and my British telephone booth on the bottom. I need to get more books to complete the look but I love the character it adds already!Styling Harvard Sitting RoomNow that this room is done, I find myself wanting to spend more and more time in here. I’m not currently reading any books but I think this is where I’ll be curled up with my next one!

On another note, you may have noticed the website has a whole new look! I somehow managed to pull it off all by myself so please forgive anything that might be a little wonky, haha! Thanks for stopping by!



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