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Styling Harvard: A New Addition

In my last post, I eluded to a fun winter getaway we had planned for a special surprise. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a post back in January about a new addition to our home. We’ve been pretty busy since so this blog post is long overdue. I’m happy to introduce, Alfie, our mini labradoodle!

We picked him up in the snowy mountains of Vermont on his 2 month birthday. He was so tiny!

Alfie has been such a blessing to us. Longtime readers will remember our previous dogs, Monty and Napolean. Napolean crossed the rainbow bridge in February 2019 and Monty followed just over a year later in April. The house seemed so empty without the boys so after a couple of months, we began our search for a new boy to welcome to Harvard Street. 

Alfie’s filled our hearts with so much love and joy. He is super smart and knew how to ring a bell to potty outside from pretty much the get go. He’s finishing up teething and we are looking forward to that because the biting struggle is real. He loves to be outside in all kinds of weather, especially snow and rain. 

He’ll be 6 months old on May 17 and we’re celebrating 4 months of having him home with us and our 9 year wedding anniversary with our first family getaway. More on that to come. 

You can follow Alfie’s adventures and his glow up on Instagram @thedoodalfie. Yep, I’ve become one of those dog moms and I’m all about that life now. 


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