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Styling Harvard Travels: Love Where You Live

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite some time since I last checked in. I hope you’re all doing well and you and your loved ones are keeping safe. With this unprecedented time we are living in, like many others, our vacation plans for this year got postponed. Originally, we were planning a trip to Ireland with a hop over to my beloved England.

While we were lucky to travel a few months before lockdown, my wanderlust was kicking into high gear once summer rolled around. We’re fortunate enough to live in New England, Massachusetts specifically, and be so close to lots of great locations. This year, we made the best of our travel restrictions and decided to really embrace local travel. Here’s a recap of what we’ve done.


I grew up going to the Cape multiple times a year and it always held a special place in my heart. One of my dearest friends, who I met is college, is from Cape Cod and has an amazing beach house in Dennis. She generously offered for Jame and I to stay at the house for our anniversary in May. We gladly accepted and spent a great couple of days relaxing, getting take out and going for walks on Corporation Beach.

In June, I was back again, this time to visit her and her family. It’s only an hour ride from our house which makes it so convenient to visit when she’s back in town. I brought my nephew with me and he was in heaven playing with the Frenchies.

Come 4th of July and we were invited back to Dennis to celebrate America’s birthday, Cape Cod style. We had our own private suite in the house and it was just perfect. We had a cookout and watched all the different fireworks displays on the beach. It was great to escape the city for a couple of days and forget about everything going on.

I was back again a little over a week later for Blondetourage weekend! This has become an annual tradition for us the past few years. We get together with our other blondie college friend and have lots of fun. Sadly, we were only a duo this year because of COVID. Hopefully next year we’ll be back to a trio. We had such a great time hanging out, I decided to stay an extra day. I was really making myself at home back in my little suite, haha. Jamie came down the last day for a beach day before we headed back home.

My birthday is at the end of July and we decided to take a little getaway to Nantucket. We’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard before but this was both of our first times on Nantucket. We quickly fell in love with it and can’t wait to go again. I’m a sucker for anything Colonial so when you combine that with the ocean, I am in heaven. The first day, we rented bikes from Cook’s Cycle and rode around town and down to Jetties Beach.

On the day of my birthday, we did a sailing excursion aboard The Endeavor. Captain Jim was great and he even let me help with the sails. It was a nice throwback to the summer when I was 12 and took sailing lessons. The good news is, I didn’t crash into a boat this time around, haha! The only downfall was that I didn’t have my good camera with me. Both my batteries died and I didn’t have my charger. Lesson learned.


Can we all agree that August seemed to roll around way too fast? We took some vacation time off from work in the middle of the month to do a little more unwinding. Since we loved our Nantucket sailing adventure, I decided to look for another sailing excursion a little closer to home. Newport is only thirty minutes from our house and we love heading down there in the summer. There’s always lots of great shopping, great eating and great ocean air. I found SightSailing through a Google search and decided to surprise Jame with a Morning Mimosa Sail. Afterwards, we walked around Thames Street and grabbed a delicious lunch.

If you recall, last year we daytripped to Marblehead and had such a fun day exploring this seaside town. I’m hoping we’ll do that again in September or perhaps we’ll explore another town by the water.

With Summer coming to a close, our little excursions will be winding down for now. It was so much fun writing this post and getting to relieve all of these great moments. We surely packed in a lot of adventures!

We have a little daytrip planned for October to Salem, another place neither of us has ever been. I can’t wait for all the Colonial, witchy goodness! Later in the winter, we have a trip planned for a big surprise. Stay tuned to find out what it is!


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