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Styling Harvard: Christmas Home Tour 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Styling HarvardWell, I did it again. I went months without blogging. I always say I’m going to write a post but then life just gets in the way, you know? Between work, family, etc. plus making sure I’m posting on Instagram everyday, there’s just no time left! Anyway, I hope this post finds you well and excited for Christmas! I’ve been busy decorating up a storm! This year’s tree total is TWELVE. 12 Christmas trees. Yes, I’m crazy. I can’t stop. I bought 2 more trees this year. I had to. (While I was writing this I’d originally typed 11 trees. Even I can’t keep track of them all!) They were calling my name. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen most of them. Instead of a detailed room by room daily post, this year I’m doing a condensed version and featuring all the trees in this one. Let’s start off in the living room, shall we?

The first tree you see when you walk in is our real tree. We always like to have one real one because it’s just a tradition we both had growing up. I kept the same theme as last year: rustic ski lodge. I wish I’d been able to buy more but they were hard to come by. We put the tree in a new spot this year. It’s the best place we’ve had it and I think this will be our new spot for a few years to come. I love the skis from last year’s Dollar Spot at Target. We added the vintage toboggan to this side of the room this year as well. I just love it! Plus it was free! I mentioned last year that it was in my parent’s house when they bought it and it sat there for years and years until I took it for my Christmas decor. I kept the sheet music cones and pops of leopard because I just love the way leopard and plaid look together and also added some faux fur balls and glittery cotton blossoms, both from Michaels.Styling Harvard | 2016 living room tree Styling Harvard | 2016 living room tree img_1471

On the other side of the fireplace is last year’s dining room tree. I’ve wanted 2 trees in one room for a while and with the new layout, this was the perfect opportunity. I ditched the giant champagne bucket I had it in last year and opted for this Ikea side table that I wasn’t using. I like the idea and the look but I think it would be better with a tree that’s a little skinnier and a little taller. Perhaps I’ll do that next year. This tree is pretty much a mini version of the real tree but with blue ornaments added. I called it rustic preppy plaid last year and I think that’s what I’ll continue to call it again this year, haha.Styling Harvard | 2016 living room tree

I was on the hunt for vintage snowshoes to complete the vintage ski lodge decor and was lucky enough to get these babies for $20 this year at the Brimfield Antique Market!! They are one of my most favorite finds to date. I love them hanging on the wall!Styling Harvard | 2016 living roomStyling Harvard | 2016 living room

I added a quick DIY advent calendar on the opposite side of the windows using a frame Jamie constructed out of salvaged wood from when we did the half bathroom upstairs. I had gotten the advent stickers for $1 at Target and picked up the red paper bags at Michaels. So cute and easy!Styling Harvard | 2016 living room Styling Harvard | 2016 living room

Moving on to the dining room, you’ll notice it’s very different from last year. We sold our old pub set style table and chairs and Jamie made us this farmhouse table!!! I love it so much. Since we did a lot of rearranging in here, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. This little tree is in a wicker basket and was the perfect size for the centerpiece. My mom had it for years and years, almost as long as I can remember. I added this sled from Target (another thing I wanted more of but it was nearly impossible to find just this one!) and some battery lights and called it a day. Simple and rustic.Styling Harvard | 2016 dining room

The bar got dressed up with some garland, lights and the hot cocoa station! I love this little corner!Styling Harvard | 2016 dining room

I kept things pretty simple in the kitchen this year. I used my same mini tree with colored lights and put it in my mortar and added this cute naked tree I got at Dollar Tree next to it. I put the mini wreaths on the glass cabinets and wreaths on the basement and back doors and called it a day.Styling Harvard | 2016 kitchen

The hall tree is our travel themed tree. We started buying an ornament during our trips specifically for this tree. We are so blessed to be able to travel and I hope one day we need a bigger tree to hold all our memories from over the years. I also like to collect flags from the different countries and stick them in the tree.Styling Harvard | 2016 hall tree

Right off the hall is our guest room featuring a musical, Victorian themed tree. This tree was in the office last year but I went a different route this time around. Since we redid the guest room, it had much more of a vintage feel and I thought this tree was much better suited for the space. It’s so cozy in here and everyone who visits asks to check in to Chateau Canuel for the night! I added from newspaper print wrapped gifts under the tree with previous year’s gold to tie into the book page fans on the tree. I love this tree because it’s mostly DIY. The silhouettes are me when I was 5 and went to Disney. I photocopied the originally and shrunk it down to put in the tree. I made the book page fans and the music sheet cones (also seen in our living room tree). One thing I tried last year and will be doing from now on is not undecorating the tree. I simply took 2 big trash bags and slipped them over the top and bottom of this tree and stored them in the basement. When I took it out this year, it was nearly perfect. A little fluffing and I was done!Styling Harvard | 2016 guest room tree

On the other side of the wall is the office. Since this room has more of a black, white, pink and glam vibe, I took last year’s half bath tree and gave it a new home and look down here. Don’t worry, there’s a new tree in the bathroom this year, haha! This tree was easy peasy. I had plenty of pink ornaments from variety packs that I wasn’t using so I added those along with some mini stockings from where else, the Target Dollar Spot, as well as those black chalkboard ornaments. I wanted plaid in here because a) I love plaid, especially buffalo check and b) I wanted all the trees to have some commonality, however minor and most likely unnoticed it might be. I used the same presents I used in the office last year which happened to already coordinate perfectly and I was done.Styling Harvard | 2016 office tree

Let’s take a walk upstairs and head into our bedroom. This is the first year I put a tree in here. I have wanted a flocked tree and when I saw this one for $30 from Walmart, I knew it was begging me to buy it. So I did. And I didn’t tell Jamie. I knew he’d say “Another tree?!?!” and I was right. However, I was smart and waited until it was all decorated and surprised him with it when he came home so he couldn’t be as frustrated with me, haha. It worked like a charm because he loves it! He says it makes the room so cozy and I completely agree. I wanted to keep this tree simple with just red but I did contemplate leaving the tree naked. It looked so pretty like that but in the end I went with red because I add red to our bed for the Christmas season. I got this awesome plaid and fur pillow at Marshalls and it’s my everything.  I added this gold tinsel tree we’ve had for a few years in this metal bucket because why not?Styling Harvard | 2016 bedroom tree tree Styling Harvard | 2016 bedroom tree

It’s bathroom tree time! Most people think I’m cuckoo for having a tree in the bathroom but it’s so cute and is such a nice nightlight. This New Year’s themed tree was in the dining room last year but was not going to match this year. That problem was easily solved when I put the white tree in the office. This bathroom is on the glam side so I figure a New Year’s tree would be perfect. Since our bathroom is all white and silver, the pops of navy blue are so pretty. There’s more sheet music (are you seeing the pattern now?) featuring Auld Lang Syne and clocks striking midnight which are both super easy DIYs. Styling Harvard | 2016 bathroom treeStyling Harvard | 2016 bathroom tree

We’ve reach the last tree which is located in our newly redecorated bonus room. This house has 4 good sized bedrooms and we don’t know what to do with any of them since it’s just me and Jame so this is a room that doesn’t get used. I never got around to really decorating it and that always bothered me. A month and a half ago I’d had enough and decided I was painting and bring a little vintage farmhouse style up here. For the Christmas decor, I bought another tree (only $10 at Family Dollar — how could I not??) and put it in a gold wood grain drink bucket (from Target a few years back) and added some faux snow to fill it in. But it needed something else so I went shopping in my parents’ basement and found another old sled (rustic lodge again) left by the previous owners. Another score!! I decided to do a tree in here when I found cotton blossoms in the fall clearance at Michaels, I bought everything that was left and went hunting for a little tree. Since I had the cotton stems, I wanted the tree to be simple and natural elements so I added pinecones from my yard and previous Christmas decor and these crocheted snowflakes my Nana made and was done (see the cotton connection?). So simple and pretty to look at, especially at night. I find myself coming in here a lot just to sit and relax. The lighting in this room isn’t great so please excuse the quality. Styling Harvard | 2016 bonus room Styling Harvard | 2016 bonus room Styling Harvard | 2016 bonus room

So if you counted, that’s all 12 trees. Most of them decorated, some of them not. If you managed to read this far, thank you!!! I know that was a lot to take in! I wish you and yours a magical holiday season filled with much peace, love and happiness.



xo, katie

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